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Welcome to The Green Kitchen!

We are a small Family run, Plant-based, “Green” Artisan Bakery & Takeaway.

We love food and make it our mission to offer good fresh food that makes you happy,

 in the most sustainable and affordable way.


Our menu

 Our menu is based on our most popular recipes and designed to offer you Plant-based alternatives of everyday foods, in addition to world cuisine-inspired foods that we hope you’ll love.


Allergies and food intolerances

We do our best to cater to all; therefore we offer gluten-free/ soy-free/sugar-free options. All are subject to availability, However, these can be ordered in advance. Let us know if you have any preferences or food allergies before you order, if you don’t we’ll presume you have none...

If you have severe allergies, please bear in mind that despite us being very careful, there's always a risk of cross-contamination of allergens,

as we bake all in the same kitchen space.



TGK's Menu

Order in advance for quicker service,

Made to order (MTO) menu items will take about 20 minutes to prepare


 Hot & Cold Drinks 

Variety of barista plant milk

Single Espresso £1.50

 Americano £2

Matcha Boost Latte £2.80

Classic Latte / Hot Chocolate / Cappuccino £2.50

(New) Pumpkin Spice Latte £2.95

Traditional Breakfast English Tea £1.50

Earl Grey / Mint / Green £1.50

Fruit Smoothies £3.99

Pop can £1.20


Your Everyday

Bakery & Takeaway 



Served between 10 and 12 pm

(MTO)Italian Toast £2.75

2 x Extra Thick toasted TGK bread, buttered and cut into 3

(MTO)Breakfast Toastie Stack £6.95

V.Cheese,  V. Smoky Sausage  and baked beans 

Sweet and Savoury Crepes

(MTO) £6.95

Matcha Cream & Raspberries

Biscoff light Cream & Lotus biscuits

Caramelized Onions and pan-fried Mushroom

(New) Breakfast Smoky Sausage and baked beans



(MTO) £7.95 

Served from 12:30 to 16 pm 

Spicy Tacos 

 2 x taco flour tortillas filled with a spiced Mex flavour rainbow salad,” Pico de Gallo”, olives, V  feta cheese, and pickled veggies and chillies, Topped “bacony & nachos “crunchy bits. Topped with TGK's salsa.

Drizzled with glazed balsamic vinegar and TGK’s infused olive oil.​

(GF option served on roman lettuce wraps instead of flour tortilla without crunchy bits)

Toasty Stack

Sourdough tiger bread slices filled with V. cheese, TGK's cheese sauce with a choice of

Smokey V. ham & Oregano or Sautéed Spinach & V Pesto or Garlic Mushrooms

(Bring the heat up with TGK's Habanero Chili Sauce)

(GF bread available)


Bites & Sides


Garlic Potatoes  £3.50

Pan sautéed bite-size diced potatoes, with olive oil, garlic, and herbs

(GF)Served hot or cold 


Pure Lush

All Baked in House


Pies & Rolls

£2.50 each or 3 for £6 on all Savoury Snacks


Munchy Pie

Creamy caramelised onion gravy and pan-fried mushrooms in a flaky pie crust


Hot’Mex Pie

Smoky V sausage with chili beans, and tomato & sweet peppers salsa


Chick’leek Pie

Chickpea & Creamy leek


Porkin' Fake Roll

TGK own recipe soy-based high protein sausage rolled in a soft V brioche/ soft 



 V smoky ham and V creamy cheese wrapped in a soft brioche


Pizza cups

Individual size deep tarts with a tomato sauce-based sauce with generous filling on pizza dough


Garlic & Cheese Swirl

Loaded garlic and cheese pizza, rolled, sliced, and baked into individual soft rolls

Cakes and Desserts


Deeply Chocolaty £2 .75

Rich chocolate and moist Chocolate sponge, V. chocolate buttercream & ganache 


Pure Vanilla £2 .75

Light and moist vanilla cake, filled and covered with V cream and Buttercream


Chocolate Salami £2 .75

The original Cookie dough, rich decadent V chocolate with crunchy broken biscuits inside


Bolacha Cake £2 .75

Biscuits dunked in espresso coffee, layered and covered in a light mocha cream


Giant Pastel de Nata £2.50

Portuguese custard tart - a rich V. custard in a light pastry cup 

(Baked fresh every Friday) 


 Giant Muffins £2.50

A variety of XL Muffins filled and/or covered with various topping 

(GF options)





Whole Cakes and Celebration Cakes


We offer

Bespoke Celebrations Cakes

Orders must be placed a minimum of a week in advance.

 Family size & bite-size pastries

From family-sized pies, bite-size sausage rolls, and more...Makes your family gathering easy and delicious.

Thank you for visiting Us!


Just so you know there’s more...

Keep up with interesting cakes and special bakes we do that are not on the set menu,

by following us @tgkthegreenkitchen


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​TGK’s goods near you

Keep an eye out for TGK’s Savoury and Sweet goods sold in other Shops, Cafés, and Restaurants as we are expanding. Any one of these will

also take orders for catering and celebration cakes at your convenience.

We would be grateful if you could tell your friends & family about us and help us grow and keep serving you our best foods. Your review on Google makes our day happier and helps others find us.


We want to hear from you!

We are human and can make mistakes, but we are diligent and always appreciative of your helpful feedback. If you’d like to leave us a message please feel free to use our feedback form on our website, talk to us directly, or email us at  we will get back to you.

Hope to see you again soon!

Disclaimer: All menu items are subject to availability and can be removed from the menu or added as seen fit by management; these can be available simultaneously, but it is not guaranteed.

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