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Love the Planet

Remember the #lovetheplanet hashtag!


You will see it often and will be able to use it to get amazing discounts while being an absolute hero.

Love the Planet was the name given to an alliance between local sustainable and green businesses to promote sustainable living.

It will benefit customers across all the companies involved, by offering them, discounts, free samples, a "first seat" on events, and more... 

Our first initiate is related to Valentine’s Day coming soon. For that, we are offering 14% discounts, to those who make the effort of buying sustainably. This offer is available from the 1st until the 14th of February*. When you shop at Sero spending more than £14 using their own containers, or those buying TGK’s Valentine’s hamper for collection in store.

It’s our contribution to help you help the planet. 

TGK Valentine's hamper contains:

  • 2 x scone with jam and V. cheese cream 

  • 2 x mini Merenda

  • 2 x mini sausage rolls, use the one 

  • 4 x different cakes

  • 2 x mini chocolate salami

  • 2 x Cupcake

  • 2 x Freixenet Prosecco D.O.C. Sparkling Wine 20c

*This doesn’t accumulate with any promotions in store, and it’s subject to the conditions mentioned above and on Check Zero’s promotion post on Facebook.

This is all very new and will grow as you shop and tag us on your posts on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

TGK & Zero

Coming soon...

TGK & Sero